Even before you began the Lost TV series, you knew you wanted to make a Lost movie. No question there was going to be another Lost in 1999 or thereabouts, and the creative team behind it would be fresh off that experience. But when it came time to begin filming, you really didn’t know where was lost filmed, what was the scene like, who were the actors, and who was the director?

No, I didn’t either, but I can tell you about the filming locations. (No I didn’t know anything about London, for example. Oh, yeah… okay.) The cast and crew had to hire professional crew and cast members to meet the demanding deadlines for filming, and if you’re anything like me, you wanted the footage you saw on the screen to look exactly like what you saw on your monitor.

Just as Noah didn’t know that there was an Island where the shipwreck was, neither did I. I thought they were simply making up new scenes or confusing them with flash effects. I couldn’t wait for the film to start filming. I know, it wasn’t actually that exciting to see the whole thing happening in real life, but it was going to be a lot of fun to watch all of it happen. There’s no way that I could have known all of the production methods of this kind of drama – of course there had to be people and supplies involved.


When I finally found out where was lost filmed, I can tell you that it was not in London. I was told that it was in Bermuda. I was not sure if the production crew had seen it, but it did appear on the actual Lost DVD! I can only imagine what it was like to find out where it was filmed.

You know, I had been to London a couple of times when I was in school, and Ithought that the area looked rather boring. They’re like big bags of stones, I always thought.

But when I arrived in London and saw all of the people and what they were doing, it was very different. They looked like real live people, and they were really making the most of their surroundings.

Not everyone could get a Lost DVD in London. Luckily, there were a few other cities that got them as well. I still have one in my personal collection.

If you don’t already know, one of the greatest mysteries in Lost lore is where being lost filmed. I’d like to think that I’ve solved that mystery for the fans.