No one can make a definitive answer as to which year is the best season of Lost, as each season had its own challenges and purposes. Many people believe that the most fitting season for the show would be the fifth, but this is not the case.

At times, the seasons were so long that many people think it was actually about the time they started to miss their loved ones. On the other hand, the two episodes “Flash of Two Suns”The Package” give a fresh start for many viewers. The return of Jack is a positive element for fans.

The final season, however, is a sad tale for some. On the other hand, the episode “Expos√©”Cabin” serve as a depressing experience for many. Some fans see that characters of the series are no longer with us to feel any sadness. Some also feel the show was shortened too much in the final season.

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Well, these fans will always be there to support the show if and when they are reunited with the characters. This might be true as time passes. However, fans could find more opportunities to meet their favorite characters in the future because the cast and crew have already expressed their wish to meet their audiences.

To determine the best season of Lost, the first thing to consider is the storyline and plot of the episodes. As a viewer, it’s your responsibility to decide which episodes are more enjoyable or entertaining. Well, the cliffhanger scenes will always be a good way to catch your interest because these can make your head spin.

Of course, the best season can be counted on the supernatural element of the series. They are shown in episodes like “The Cost”, “Cabin”, “Through the Looking Glass”, “Sundown”, “Sundown (2)”, “Home”, “Ab Aeterno”, “Namaste”Rising”. These episodes are definitely worth watching.

There is a certain season of Lost that has captured the attention of fans from all over the world. This season was not able to win an Emmy for outstanding drama series for the reasons that it was not as complex as the others. It was not only about Oceanic Flight 815 and Penny’s departure but also about the departure of Desmond and his companions.

The entire fannish life was led by the two protagonists in the last few episodes of the series. This could be the most thrilling season of Lost to date.