From out of the blue came the idea of a Lost book, which got producers involved. There was no plan or thought process behind this.

However, they decided to not only publish the book on their own accord but to also release some of the lost episodes to the public. The number of episodes is limited but there are more people getting in on this game.

It does seem to be a blessing for everybody who thought it could never work out from the beginning but, it still is a little odd from the whole concept. People really aren’t used to reading about anything they don’t see with their own eyes.

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse’s Alternate LOST Endings

It will be interesting to see what the final product turns out to be because, at the same time, everybody wants to find out what really happened in the final episode. Everyone just wants to know what happened in the last episode, but at the same time, the producers don’t want to spoil anything so they have to be careful about telling the general public what really happened to the characters in the final season. And this could cause trouble for the show.

From this article we have learned that a lot of series producers who did this book out of personal interest ended up doing so because of the huge interest. Some have said they did it purely as a hobby. That doesn’t make sense though because, if you are an amateur writer you do want to get something published and make money on the side.

And, if you are actually a professional writer you do want to learn a new language and styles of writing. And, you want to get a taste of a new language and styles of writing that you might not normally see. So, going into this as a hobby should not be a major concern.

The only real thing that stopped most people from publishing their novel idea is the fact that they weren’t creative enough. They could have done this and have been very successful with it, if they had their head in the right place.

If you are ever going to write a book of this magnitude then you need to have a background in writing that is unique to the shows. You need to have your head in the right place because, unless you are the most creative person on the planet, you will come up short with your writing skills. Having a keen eye for a specific style of writing can be very beneficial when writing a Lost book.