Lost Series explained, is one of the better hidden object games to come out in a long time. You play as Lee, who finds himself suddenly lost in a strange new world. The game starts off with him flying off a bridge into a large open area which he has no idea how to get out of.

You can jump around from item to item, talking to people and solving the puzzles in this fun and entertaining game. The game is set in a world where everyone is trapped in the human brain. You can be stuck inside your own mind, which you can break free from at any time by either navigating towards the outside world or into your own mind.

Once you are done in the inside world, you can simply go back out into the world again. There are two ways to solve this game’s puzzles. You can try to use the mouse to navigate around the world map. This is a more traditional game and you can finish it fast by just using the mouse and moving around the map.

‘Lost’ Explained in Under 4 Minutes

However, you can also use a different method to solve the puzzles in the game. By clicking on certain places you can find certain items that will help you out in a puzzle. There are two types of puzzles that you can complete.

The first one is the ones that are able to be solved without any input from you. You have to find the keys or lock boxes and place them where you think they should be. By doing this you are able to solve all the other puzzles without the need to manipulate anything.

The second type of puzzle is the ones that require you to click on objects and look for clues in order to solve them. For this type of puzzle you need to find an item before the timer runs out or you will have to start the process all over again. Although this is very time consuming, it makes solving all the other puzzles much easier.

The hidden object games in Lost Series are more enjoyable when you take the time to explore each area. This way you get to see all the items and learn about what happens to the people in the world. With time you will be able to unlock the truth behind the whole mystery and you will be able to go through the game with ease.

Although the game has had a few updates recently, the gameplay remains the same. Don’t get disappointed by updates because the game is still enjoyable today. The Hidden Object games of the past have been left behind in terms of fun, but there are still enough hidden object games to keep the whole family busy for hours.